About Us


Our Fair Trade Practises

The Global Promotional Group consists of a worldwide network of like distributors. The companies involved have strong international trade links with proven suppliers which are ethical and sustainable. Through sharing ideas, best practises and proven sources of supply, members can keep their clients up-to-date with global developments in environmentally-friendly products, processes, new technologies, green initiatives and much more.

Our Philosophy

Global Network

Global Network GPG is a worldwide group of businesses that have teamed up to share their ideas and business experience. We work together on launching new ideas to market and sourcing unique products.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility GPG companies are all socially responsible. This means we treat our suppliers and staff with consideration, we buy from the right source (and not just the cheapest) and all our products are manufactured without child labour.


Integrity Quality control is a vital part of the process, and all merchandise is quality controlled prior to dispatch.


Environment GPG companies also remember the environment is important, and we source only from renewable sources and take care only to buy from environmentally aware factories. Only purchasing raw materials, or finished merchandise, from factories who use managed and sustained natural resources. Seeking to continually improve all aspects of environmental impact and waste reduction. Priority is always given to factories that have their own environmental policy and follow local laws relating to environmental impact.